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Sarah calls Texas home now but has lived all over the United States, with her most recent out of
state stint being three beautiful years in Alaska. She grew up in Decatur, Texas, though, one of those quintessential small towns with a vibrant town square; Friday night lights; and the prettiest
courthouse in Texas.

She graduated from UNT in 2004 with a BA in Literature, followed by an M.Ed. in 2011 from UT Tyler. She taught English for several years and then thought, why not law school? When Sarah enrolled in law school at UNT Dallas College of Law in her mid-30s, she wasn’t sure what kind of law she wanted to practice but eventually focused on appellate advocacy and enjoyed internships and clerkships at federal and state courts of appeal. Her past few years as a defense attorney have proven educational in multiple ways. Through that time, she’s glimpsed into her clients’ lives and has seen how a criminal record can plague someone long after a sentence is over. For that reason, she is passionate about helping people achieve post-conviction relief in its various forms.

In addition to Attorney, Sarah is Wife and Mom. She and Josh have been married for almost 19 years, and they have three rather awesome children: Taylor is grown and thriving in Dallas, and Ella and Ronan are school-aged and learning how Texas does sports. So far, so fun!

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