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Mandy Bio: Team

Vice Chair


Mandy Schuman does contract work for her family business, B & D Storage, LP., and Discipleship Ministries out of Nashville, TN.  She is Certified in Trauma Support Services and is a Recovery Support Peer Specialist. Her passion is Volunteerism. Mandy has served in several volunteer capacities in the Abilene community including Abilene Palm House Board (10 years).  She is currently serving on the board of Alliance for Women and Children, is the Vice-Chair for Big Country Reentry Coalition, advocates for youth and adult populations facing adverse circumstances, and loves creating partnerships and networking opportunities for advocacy in agencies and organizations through her own lived experiences. In her downtime, you will find Mandy spending time with her parents. She also enjoys ocean sailing with her favorite guy, soaking up the sun at the lake, reading, and hanging out with her dog, Emma.

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